Cecilia Flori

January 10th, 2007

Let me present myself.

My name is Cecilia Flori, and I come from Italy (Roma). I have lived there till I was 18 then I left to study in England (York) where I did a Bsc in Physics with Philosophy.

I then continued my studies in London at the Imperial College where I did an Msc in Quantum Fields and Fundamental forces.

In the last year of my studies I was introduced to Topos Theory by Professor C. J. Isham and was so fascinated by it that I decided to write my Master thesis: Kochen-Specker Theorem and Valuations in the language of Topos Theory on the subject. In particular I focused on the use of Topos Theory in defining a new type of logic.

Anyone interested in a summery of how Topos Theory is used in defining a new Quantum Logic can download the pdf version of a Talk on Topos and Logic I gave at the 11th Marcel Grossmann meeting (Berlin), or the easier slide verion of a talk I gave at the 10 Deutsche Physikerinnentagung Berlin 2006. More recent talks can be found at Oxford talk and Symposium in Honor of Basil J. Hiley

I am presently a Postdoc at Perimeter Institute for theoretical physics.

The reason why I have decided to build this site is because, although Topos Theory is a very fascinating branch of mathematics, it is not at all well known by the majority of Physicists.

I hope this site will be a means of divulgation of the subject and a way of getting people interested in the use of Topos Theory, not just in a mathematical context, but in a physical one as well, since, in my opinion, Topos theory could be very useful in physics.

If you are curious to know more please contact cflori@perimeterinstitute.ca

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